Bloggers Beware: Clients Reviewing Writers Blogs When Considering Applications

Bloggers Beware: Clients Reviewing Writers Blogs When Considering Applications

Freelance writing is growing more competitive as private clients, and content mills, offer fewer assignments during the holiday season.  With more writers competing for the same opportunities, it is more important than ever to make a good impression when applying for a writing job.  Unfortunately, many writers do not consider how links to their blogs in email signatures, or on resumes, can influence a potential client’s final decision.

Foul Language and Constant Complaints

Writers often use their blogs as a place to share their thoughts and opinions about events in their personal and professional lives.  However, some writers turn their blogs into virtual soapboxes writing post after post in the strongest language imaginable about bad clients, problems with children, and more.  Clients reviewing a blog filled with foul language, and complaints about other clients, might think twice about hiring a writer.  No client wants to become a target of the blogger if the professional relationship ends badly, and some clients simply do not approve of strong language of any kind.

Multiple Errors

Even though blogs are supposed to be informal and fun, a writer should spend time proofing the content placed on blogs that are seen by potential clients.  A client might worry about using a writer who seems to regularly make grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.  Potential clients may feel writers who do not seem to take pride in the content they create for their own use are not likely to take any more pride in the work they create for a client.

Know what clients look for when reviewing a writer’s blog can help you avoid a few errors that negatively affect your ability to land a writing gig.