Wordpreneur is Worth a Look

Wordpreneur is Worth a Look

Are you an aspiring writer hoping to turn your endeavors into some actual cash flow?

Are you a fellow KLAT blogging writer? You may want to take note of the blog: Wordpreneur. The subtext states “How to make money writing”. Mm… doesn’t that sound appealing?

This blog is run by Eldon Sarte. The blog was started as a hobby by Sarte in 2005 and was listed in Writer’s Digest, “101 Best Websites for Writers”. The blog is very easy to read and features a very aesthetically pleasing theme. Clean lines, fun text font and most importantly, good content that you can actually utilize as a writer.

Sarte has been a writer for well over twenty years. In the 80’s and 90’s he wrote for The New Republic and Friends of Wine magazines. He was also very active in I.T. development and wrote coursework based around web programming. He has also written numerous ebooks and has contributed for many widely acclaimed monthly e-mail digests and newsletters.

Once visiting the blog, on the left hand panel there is a link you can click to sign up for his weekly ezine: Wordpreneur News. When you sign up for the ezine, you’ll receive two free ebooks written by Sarte about how to market and promote yourself as a writer.

You may also note that Sarte’s blog isn’t a one man show. He features guest contributors on Wordpreneur such as Dr. Liz Alexander, Amanda J. Evans, Shel Horowitz, Lior Levin, Katherine Ploeger and Sandra Stevens. Do you have information to share that would benefit your fellow writers? Sarte welcomes new contributors, but read the guidelines first, here!