Writing: The Perfect Pasttime For A Stay At Home Mom

Writing: The Perfect Pasttime For A Stay At Home Mom

Moms Turn to Blogging For Supportm Camaraderie

When I quit my job about five years ago to be a fulltime at home mom, I didn't realize how much I would miss the daily grind and making contributions to our family. My husband has just got a great new job and we both decided that if I wanted to stay home to take care of the kids, then I could.


After about a year, I really missed the feeling of contributing financially to my family. My husband was 100 percent supportive of me and I loved spending all my times with the kids, but I wanted something more. I thought about getting a part-time job, but that would take me away from the precious time I had with the hubs.


I wanted to do something from home, so I became a freelance writer/ blogger. I started my own blog and built it up using all the tools I could find. I spent many hours scouring webpages looking for ways to build my Twitter and Facebook followers and using my blog posts as clips to perspective clients.


It hasn't been easy, but I've gotten a pretty good stable of clients and I keep searching for more everyday. I write on my schedule, so I can write while the kids are at school or in bed and I can spend that extra time with my husband.


Freelance writing is not an easy profession and it is highly competitive, but its all worth it to feel more than just a stay-at-home-mom.