Need Help Staying Focused? Write or Die

Need Help Staying Focused? Write or Die

"The web version is free, so there is nothing to lose by trying it."

When I first began writing full time, I had a really hard time maintaining my focus.  Having not worked for three years, I had gotten used to the casual routine of a stay at home mom.  Projects that could be completed in two hours were stretched out to much longer because of my inability to focus and just get to work.

Now, I love writing, but I love spending time with my family more, so I had to do something to get productive.  When I heard about this program, Write or Die, I had to give it a try.  The web version is free, so there is nothing to lose by trying it.

Write or Die is a simple program that allows you to type into a box.  You set a time limit, a word count goal, and get typing.  If you pause for too long, you will get negative feedback through an obnoxious noise and flashing screen.  It keeps count as you type, so you can always see where you are at in terms of word count.

As simple as it seems, that negative feedback is very, very motivating.  Once I started using Write or Die, I was able to crank out an average of 2,200 words per hour.  Now those are results I can live with!

The desktop version is available for only $10 and offers a few more features.  It runs off Adobe Air so is compatible with all operating systems.  Having tried both, I definitely prefer the desktop version.

So if you find yourself lacking in motivation or focus, try Write or Die and see just how much you’re really capable of.